A New Website For Internetting

Hey! Welcome to the new Commonwealth website! It's hard to express just how excited we are without making everyone feel all weird and uncomfortable, so instead we'll just extend our thanks to Colin and Mandy for their endless hard work building the new site. 

You can now find out about events & premieres, as well as register for camps & trips, or buy some of our awesome shop swag. You can also look here to find any sort of special closure notices due to weather or private parties. Down the line we're planning other more convenient features like online private party bookings, member accounts to add or renew passes & memberships, and request lessons without dealing with a human on the phone.

There are 75 million different browsers, operating systems and devices out there, so if you're looking at this site on Windows 95, we apologize if you encounter a few broken elements. We're doing our best to make this site as universally accessible as possible. If you have any issues with the website or event registration, please email us at support@commonwealthskateboarding.com and we'll help you as soon as possible.