Tony Hawk’s Mike Davis Hype Up

Posted on Sep 27 2013
The homey Mike Davis got High Fived on the Ride Channel—peep it to see him getting mega gnar at Commonwealth!...

New Commonwealth Edit!

Posted on Jul 30 2013
PDX film prodigy Tom Bender just finished a bangin Commonwealth edit—hit this! Sebo, Baca, Mike Davis,...

Vox Demo This Friday Night!

Posted on Jul 22 2013
Vox Footwear Demo this Friday night at Commonwealth (6-8 p.m.)! Pat Duffy, Jordan Hoffart, our pal Peter...

Free Jivaro Movie Premiere Tuesday!

Posted on Jul 08 2013
Premiere of the new Jivaro Wheels movie Sin Duda here at the park this Tuesday night (July 9). We’ve...

Vote For Commonwealth!

Posted on Mar 13 2013
Tom Bender cranked out a jazzy edit from the CCS Lurkathon here at Commonwealth a few weeks back. Lay...

Blood Wizard Video Premiere (It’s Free!)

Posted on Feb 11 2013
Hey you! Blood Wizard’s “Wizard Bloody Wizard” is premiering here at Commonwealth...

Super Serious Edit

Posted on Jan 30 2013
Joey and Ben got the park all to their lonesome the other night, and this flic is what happened. Bangers!

PDX Indoor Scene Shreds It

Posted on Dec 13 2012
Peep this new documentary by Elias Parise on the PDX indoor skate scene—obvi featuring Commonwealth....

Christmas Skate Skool

Posted on Nov 04 2012
Christmas Skate Skool’s only weeks away!! Come get schooled by Commonwealth. Here’s the deal: Weds....

Commonwealth Halloween Overnighter

Posted on Oct 30 2012
Our first-ever overnight lock-in went down this weekend! Seventeen li’l rippers descended upon...